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At South Coast Group Inc. we value the relationship we have with each and every client we encounter. It is important for us to fully gain your trust and therefore we believe in complete transparency. As such, we want you to be an educated client, please take a moment to review our brief FAQ below before engaging us or any other landscape provider that may be quoting your jobs.

Warranties on workmanship and products are standard procedure for reputable landscape providers. Before selecting your next landscape provider make certain you inquire about what is and is not covered and what the coverage duration is.

If a company is reluctant to provide a warranty on work they perform, that should be a redflag for you in your selection of contractors.

Before signing a contract for work to be performed ask if your landscape provider has a portfolio or references from projects with a similar scope to yours.

Seeing examples of the landscape providers existing porfolio should give you confidence in their ability to excute on the vision you have for your space.

This should be one of the first questions you consider asking your landscape provider. In our experience accidents are rare, but they are always a possibility when people are moving heavy plants, trees, stones and operating machinery on your property.

Ask your landscape provider for proof of their insurance if you feel unsure.

Various landscape providers will have different protocols for communication and the point of contact within your local landscape service providers company may differ, but make sure you’re clear on who the person is you need to have communication with.

That individual should be the one you speak to about any work order changes or concerns you have as the project progresses. Being bounced around to various departments and individuals becomes confusing not only for yourself, but for the company you’ve contracted.

A drawing of your outdoor space can be the best way for you to visualize your project. It also helps you feel confident that everything will work according to plan. Asking the landscape provider to keep a copy of the drawing may cost you, but it can also help you make sure your project proposal and quotes are comparable.


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