Hardscape Installation

Stonework. Retaining Walls. Walkways & More.

Expand & Extend Your Property with Hardscaping

Hardscaping refers to permanent landscaping elements such as walkways, patios, retaining walls, driveways and more.

Lets face it, we are spending more time outdoors than ever before. This leads many of us to desire a more luxurious outdoor living space with hardscaped additions like a built-in grill, fire pit, fireplace, sitting walls, etc.

A hardscape enhanced property extends the usable space you have to allow you to add tables, seating areas, magnificent permanent landscape designs and more.

South Coast Group specializes is amplifying your available outdoor space through professional, thorough, and thoughtful hardscape design and installation.

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Project Possibilities:



Patios, driveways, fire pits, retaining walls and more!

Outdoor Living Area

Outdoor Living

Design and creation of outdoor living spaces.

Landscape Design


Full scale landscape design to beautify your property.

Fence Deck Construction

Fence & Decks

Enhance style and privacy with fences, decks and gazebos.

Budget Friendly

Budget Friendly

Budget friendly hardscape and landscape creations.

Permanent Outdoor Transformations

Visualize Your Hardscape Design

Visualize the possible hardscaping enhancements we could make to your property with these photos of our past projects. Dream big!

Hardscape Installation

Key Benefits of Hardscaping

  • Adding a retaining wall to your property will reduce erosion by redirecting rainfall.
  • Water less of your yard by including a stone patio to keep your grass greener in those dry summers.
  • Stonework provides long-lasting low maintenance features for your property.
  • Keep your grass alive by having a walkway installed to prevent foot traffic on your lawn.
  • Improve property value by creating a selling feature and visual appeal to your yard; not just a flat bland landscape.

A Protective and Value-Added Investment

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