Enjoy a Vibrant, Beautiful, and Maintained Property

Maintain & Enhance with Groundskeeping

Our groundskeeping service tends to your property in order to maintain all the elements of your landscape design. 

You’ll want to spend more time in nature with a beautifully designed and maintained outdoor space.

Create a personal space for yourself like a reading nook, or enjoy time with your family in the yard. Be the envy of your neighbours with a lush green lawn, and carefully laid out garden.

As a professional landscaper, South Coast Group can not only upgrade your beautiful property, but it can be created as a low maintenance area that you can enjoy without worrying about constant upkeep.

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Service Features:

Budget Friendly Groundskeeping

Hands off Yard Maintenance

Your property can maintain its lustre throughout the season with our highly experienced and effective groundskeeping service. Check out our photos below!


Key Benefits of Groundskeeping

  • Budget-friendly designs can be used to create your landscape section by section.
  • Fresh grass and greens like trees, shrubs or plants provide shade and a cooler yard.
  • Natural landscapes help filter the air and water from rainfall from pollutants.
  • Prevent erosion on your property with a properly designed landscape. The right design will provide you with a low maintenance garden.
  • Relax and feel at peace in nature.

Sharp Edges & Healthy Foliage

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