Commercial Snow Removal

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Fast & Responsive Snow Removal for Businesses

Our business snow removal is an essential service that provides timely and reliable clearing of winter’s fury from your parking lot.

Your workplace deserves a snow-free parking lot for your employees and customers. Stay safe and reduce the risk of accidents and injury by having South Coast Group on-call or on demand for commercial snow removal.

Avoid backbreaking labour and/or maintaining your own snow removal equipment. We have everything that is required to tackle even the most ruthless winter storm.

South Coast Group is standing by.

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Rapid Snow Removal

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Key Benefits of Snow Removal

  • Avoid fines from the town/city and maintain your business’s curb appeal by having us clear the snow and ice from your property for you.
  • Prevent slips, falls, and even collisions.
  • Having us take care of snow removal is more convenient, reliable, efficient than having to do if yourself.
  • Save money as you won’t have to invest in your own snow removal equipment and supplies

Budget Friendly Peace of Mind & Safety

Reliable Snow Removal
Salt Brine Deicing

A More Effective & Environmentally-Friendly Approach to Winter Deicing Services!

We are turning to new technologies and methods that are more proactive and environmentally friendly than snow plowing and traditional rock salt applications while providing an extended level of safety during winter storms.

Salt brine is a 23% salt + water mixture that can be applied to roads, walkways, entrances, loading areas and stairways before a storm to prevent snow and ice from bonding to the surface material.

Some of the key reasons for using Liquid Deicer methods include:

  • A reduction of 70% of the salt vs dry application.
  • Eliminate the over application of products.
  • Stop the die back of vegetation surrounding the surfaces that are being

    maintained for the winter.

  • The opportunity to provide a chloride free service for snow and ice


  • Liquid Deicer brine applications can be applied several days prior to an event and stay working on the surface until the next precipitation occurs.

  • Melt snow and ice in lower temperatures compared to rock salt.

  • Offer a more consistent level of service through various winter conditions as there is no scatter of the product compared with rock salt application.

  • Liquid Deicer does not track into buildings like solid products do, thus being much friendlier to flooring, thresholds, furniture, clothing and interior surfaces

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