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We are Southwestern Ontario’s leader in terms of all-season landscaping, with unrivalled response times in winter for both residential and commercial properties, as well as unparalleled craftsmanship and workmanship in the spring and summer months for a variety of jobs, both big and small.


South Coast Group has distinguished itself from our competition by remembering that we are for the most part but not limited to working with family homes, developers and commercial property owners. – these sanctuaries where our customers welcome us back again every year because of not only our work, but the principles we stand for.


As we continue to grow and diversify our range of services, our focus is on the people who inspired us from the beginning: the individual homeowner who, like us, has an end vision—even a dream—for how their property should look and feel. Today, this means focusing on the total home and hearth, and how the experiential elements of the indoor living space can be expanded beyond a house’s initial footprint to reflect a certain lifestyle and commitment to comfort, luxury, and excellence.


To this end, South Coast Group represents the intersection between style, innovation, and integrity, where everything from the design and installation of outdoor kitchens with heated floors and integrated audio systems, to the cultivation of your mother’s rose gardens, is met with the same due care and attention.


At South Coast Group we strive to create a synergy between your outdoor wishes and the project implementation.


For us, this means fusing precision with honesty, commitment with quality, the authenticity of yesterday with the innovation of tomorrow.


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